There are over 25 different nationalities in an office of 120 employees

Out of 90+ Toyota Boshoku Group companies over the world, our office and R&D is the most international one, counting over 25+ nationalities in a work environment of only 120 employees!

Since we are located close to Brussels International Airport, we are easily accessible to our colleagues based in other locations. We can conveniently travel to our manufacturing locations and visit our customers & suppliers.

Toyota Boshoku Europe (TBEU) was established in 2005 to serve as the headquarter to the Europe & Africa region. This region spreads from Russia to South Africa, from Turkey to France. We ensure the development as well as the manufacturing of high-quality car interior components. Our branches in Adapazari (Turkey) and in Munich (Germany) complement our HQ activities

Our wide-range of activities receive the support of a wide array of divisions. Take a sneak peek at how some of these divisions play a key role in contributing to the Toyota Boshoku group.

Accounting and Finance (A&F)

"Our team is an access point for the Finance division of Toyota Boshoku Corporation in Japan, as well as towards the European local authorities.

In our headquarter, A&F renders services for the whole Europe & Africa region. We manage accounting and reporting for our branches in Turkey and Germany. Thanks to the high competences and the motivation of our team members, we keep guard over tax compliance within our region and our supply chain. An important part of our work is also cooperation with internal and external auditors.”

Dirk De Peuter, Manager, Accounting and Finance

Human Resources & General Administration (HR&GA)

“As a business partner, our division gives advice on our key resource: people. We manage the tools and systems to recruit, motivate, develop and compensate our employees, so that they can focus on fulfilling their roles and responsibilities.

One of our important goal is ensuring a safe and healthy work environment for all of our employees. We strive to provide an appropriate work environment where they can exercise and develop their skills with a long-term perspective.

We create processes and systems that ensure fairness and consistency, whilst also focusing our energy on creating an environment where each employee can make their personal contribution in meeting the needs of the organization - and still pursue personal aspirations.”


Jose Elejabeita, Organization Development and Training Manager, HR&GA

Information Technology (IT)

"We are developing and implementing our IT strategy on a regional scope, by using people, processes and technology towards achieving our business goals.‚Äč

IT focuses on its leadership management, security and information development, process improvement and global/regional standardization. On a daily basis, we implement innovation through “Kaizen” (continuous improvement) and we link strategic business objectives with cutting edge technology.”

Daan Kerkhofs, General Manager, IT


“One of Toyota Boshoku’s biggest asset is its reputation for designing, manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality.

Quality is not only the responsibility of the Quality division, but it is also the responsibility of every single employee of Toyota Boshoku. The role of our division is to ensure that our customers always buy products that meet or even exceed their expectations.

Some Toyota Boshoku products have the characteristic of being “Safety Critical”, meaning that we apply the strictest procedures and methodologies during the design and production phases, guaranteeing that our products are defect-free, for the safety of people all around the world.”

George Giakatis, General Manager, Quality Division